Edie Movie Review

Edie had reluctantly been the sole caregiver for her husband George, who had a stroke over 30 years ago. When he suddenly dies, Edie decides to clean up and sell the house, in preparation for moving into a care facility. Something she is dreading.

She finds an old suitcase full of memorabilia from her childhood. One item resonates with her, a postcard from her late father enticing her to climb the mysterious Suilven Mountain in Scotland. She remembers the thrill of her childhood, which was full of fun and adventure. This all ceased when she married a very controlling man.

Edie makes up her mind to ‘give it a go’ and climb the mountain regardless of her age. She swiftly catches a train to Inverness to embark on this adventure.

  • Director – Simon Hunter
  • Cast – Kevin Guthrie, Sheila Hancock, Paul Brannigan
  • Duration – 102 min

I rate this 5/5

A few Thoughts

I started thinking of missed dreams and opportunities. Money, time, health, work, laziness, and family commitments often hold people back from achieving their goals. If there were no obstacles would all these missed dreams and opportunities come to fruition?


It is never too late, as long as you put your mind to it. Edie demonstrates this beautifully. I was disappointed when Edie reached the summit and then the movie ended!! I hope for Edie’s sake; this is just the start of her adventures and missed opportunities. I’m sure there are plenty more suggestions in the old suitcase.

The Scottish scenery throughout the movie is magic and knowing that Sheila Hancock, the 83-year-old actress, actually climbed the Mountain for the film, provided a realistic perspective. She often looked exhausted, in the rain or walking along the narrow, winding paths.

I’ve never been one for hiking. I bruise like a peach and burn like a lobster, which is not ideal for hiking. However, this movie has inspired me to one-day travel to the Scottish Highlands and explore the magnificent landscape. Suilven Mountain is s 20km hike which apparently can be achieved in a day. What a full on day that would be!

I would like to one day, give it a go. Over a few days.