Lush indoor plants are incredibly easy to keep alive when you know the secret. You need to get the right plants that are happy to be neglected. There are some plants which only need watering once a fortnight, dusted once a month and positioned in low light. That is it!!

Twenty-two years ago, I was given a Chinese evergreen plant, as a welcome gift, to sit on my desk at work. The leaves were light green with dark marks on the outside. When I left the company, I decided to take the plant with me. It is still alive and is now substantially bigger and overgrown. It has survived many house moves and even lived in a storage container for a few years while I was overseas.

Shopping centers and office buildings have a vast range of robust plants. I investigated all the indoor plants at my current work and found five different varieties. They all have little to no natural light, are covered in thick dust, the soil is dry, there are no drafts, and the temperature is the same all year round. Surprisingly they are thriving and look fantastic.

Luckily my apartment replicates these harsh conditions. Here are the hardiest indoor plants, which are guaranteed to turn you into a green thumb;

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

  • This slow growing plant is incredibly durable. I’ve had one for twenty-two years!
  • It has attractive long, narrow leaves. With smudges of pink or dark green.
  • There is also a pink variety, which is not as common. The leaves are pink in the middle and surrounded by dark green smudges.
  • These plants prefer light however they will die if placed in direct sunlight.
  • Only water once a month, keep the leaves dry and dust before watering.

Snake Plant or sometimes called Mother-in-law Plant

  • This hardy plant is from the succulent family and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.
  • It has deep green leaves, with a yellow border on the outside. The thick leaves are thin and tall which tend to clump together
  • These plants thrive in all conditions. Sunshine, bright light or in dim corners.
  • Wait till the soil is dry before you water. Too much water will kill the plant.

The local indoor swimming pool has snake plants scattered around the outside of the pool. They look fantastic. They also have the bonus of purifying the air of toxins, which is perfect for a pool or home.

Sweet Heart Vine (Philodendron Cordatum)

  • The leaves are dark green in the shape of a heart.
  • It is incredibly easy to grow from a slip, just cut off at the stem and place into water.
  • This plant is ideal in a hanging pot or trained to climb along wires.

Peace Lilly

  • These lovely plants have dark and light green leaves in the shape of a heart.
  • Long glossy flowers grow in the shape of a heart with a tip.
  • The flowers can last for most of the year. During the middle of summer my flowers died off and the plant didn’t flower.
  • This plant loves the morning sun. However, the hot morning sun will fade the leaves and flowers.

English Ivy

  • This is a fabulous plant to have either indoors or outdoors.
  • It thrives in colder temperatures and grows incredibly fast when placed in bright light.
  • The leaves are small and are densely grown on small vines.

The common theme with these plants is they will die if watered regularly and if the leaves are moistened. This is why they are ideal plants for indoors. Particularly considering they also help to purify the air.